A Cavalcade of Comic Art

On Tuesday, I decided to send out a public call for graphic artists in my webcomic’s notes. My old logo/banner for the comic was rather crappy (because I had made it myself, in Paint.NET, in 5 minutes), and I wanted something better, more professional.

How about no.

The response I got back from it was relatively massive (some 5-6 individuals on the first day, instead of the 1 or 2 people I was expecting eventually). By Thursday’s update, I already had the new logo I wanted from a fellow named FireEsper:


I also received a bunch of other submissions, mockups, and prototypes before I decided that FireEsper was my go-to guy.

ThousandYearSunrise was pro enough to send me four versions of this – different combinations with and without the fire and sun symbols.


Gerkuman, author of a neighboring RPG comic called D&DS9, was already using this as a button to link to me, so he offered it.


A stranger signing his email with “L-Ganon” sent this to me – a mockup of a MLP-inspired d20.


Instead of making the logo, L-Ganon went for making an ICON – and suggested how the title might fit around it.


Along the same lines as above, a fellow by the name of Safi quickly rendered this little gem out. I’m not sure how I’d actually use it for a website logo, but dang if it ain’t really cool.


Additionally, I talked to a couple of artists about doing some other art, not necessarily related to the logo itself. Some of it I’m still waiting on, some of it I’m keeping secret for at least a day or two, but here’s what I have so far.

ThousandYearSunrise impressed me enough that I asked him to create a signature-style banner for the comic.


Combined with FireEsper’s logo for consistency, this is pretty much official.


So I think it goes without saying – the MLP community has a pretty amazing collection of driven, diverse, and talented artists. I consider myself extremely lucky, as a mere writer, to have received as much help as I have. Thanks again to everybody who contributed – it’s been one heck of a week.

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  1. Not only having my art featured by someone I’m a fan of, but having my work complimented? I feel pretty good about myself right now.
    I’m so happy to make this contribution, and I feel like I’ve made a new friend into the bargain. Keep up the great work, and all of us will keep being your loyal fans.

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