Changing My Approach to Podcast Editing

Every episode of Fallout is Dragons, my first tabletop roleplaying podcast, was about 2-3 hours long. Same for the SpudShots and other random stuff I run like Stars Without Number. The reason for that is because, well, I wanted to keep the whole session intact. Why wouldn’t we want to keep the whole game archived, so we can relive the whole session whenever we want?

But starting up Dusk City Outlaws has put that philosophy into question.

I’m considering making far more aggressive cuts in my podcast editing process. Removing not only background noise and dead air, but lots of the crosstalk and dice rolls (except for anything that makes us laugh). Just focusing on the story told in the session by our characters. I’m confident I could tighten up each episode by at least an hour with this goal in mind.

Why now? Because I’ve started a new series and I want more people to see it, which… as weird as it sounds, wasn’t really the case with Fallout is Dragons. I was just putting those sessions up and if people liked to listen to it, great. But Dusk City Outlaws is new and, frankly, doesn’t have the benefit of ponies, which had the power to overcome the intimidation factor of a 3-hour audio file.

What would that mean for players and listeners?

  • It’d mean that the whole session would no longer be preserved in podcast and video format. I’d just be presenting the story that we told.
  • The RAW file (at the $5 Patreon level) and livestream archive would be the only ways to hear the whole session.
  • It would take longer to get the episodes out. I’d probably want an extra week so I can balance the time with my other projects.

But the sessions would be a much easier listen, I think.

Honestly, to me this seems like a pretty obvious and noncontroversial change: Putting more effort into editing down the recordings instead of throwing basically the whole thing up onto the web. It’d make file sizes smaller, it’d be less intimidating for new people…

I just want to get some feedback on the idea. I’m not planning on implementing it right away (I’m rendering for the new episode of DCO as I write this, edited the same as usual), but maybe a couple of episodes down the line I might make the change.

What do you think?